Einat Paz offers a unique collection of hand crafted jewelry for the bride on her wedding day, made of 14K Gold-filled, pure silver, silk wire, natural pearls, Swarovski crystals and other materials.   The bridal jewelry is designed in bright, glittering colours that match the bride’s dress and the grandeur of the occasion.   Each jewel is meticulously created by Einat and is especially styled to enhance the bride’s beauty and femininity.
As everything is made in the studio, Einat will be more than happy to create your own personal design. This will enable you to feel even more special on the most exiting day of your life.   The extended families of the bride and groom are also invited to order special sets for the occasion.

Above all, congratulations!

You are invited to order online, come to the studio or ask us about the closest store to you. Please feel free to contact about any matter whatsoever.

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