About Einat Paz – Unique Jewelry Art

I was born, raised and married in an agricultural community in the luscious green countryside, called Kibbutz Glil-Yam in Israel. Today, I am a mother of four children. I have established my studio near my house and family.

  I design classic, delicate jewelry made of 14K Gold-filled knitted jewelry (also known as Rolled Gold) and pure silver and fashion jewelry from silk wire, pearls, Swarovski crystals, shells, leather and other materials.  

Each piece is personally supervised by me and exported to the United States, Canada, Europe, Asia and Australia.  

A large number of my designs were selected for leading exhibitions worldwide and were highly complimented.

Inspired by Nature  

My dialogue with art began over 20 years ago as I started painting, designing, sewing, singing and dancing. Following that, I studied “Artistic Education” in the academy, including diverse types of art, which eventually led to designing jewelry. Jewelry design was born out of a deep strong urge. It filled me with great joy, empowered me with sheer bliss which created a surge of innovative creativity.  

The inspiration sources of my creations are endless. I draw my ideas mainly from observing my surroundings. Every day, nature brings together new encounters between colours, materials and shapes. As I stroll along the fields, I keep on admiring the textures and shades which ignite my imagination with new possibilities to combine them all into the jewelry I make.  

The colours are mostly neutral and sometimes combine different shades in a harmonious flow: warm or cold shades with light touches of colour. The collections are made according to the seasons and their colours in nature. The jewelry combines materials from nature such as natural pearls, gemstones, seashells, leather and more.  

It is a paradox that the secret to the magic in jewelry lies in - harmony. That is because it is made by combining different materials that do not necessarily “match”. This secret radiates delicate prestige together with powerful presence. It is such glamour that manages to cross the boundaries of time.

Personal touch  

Creating jewelry is enjoyable but also challenging. Every small detail requires deep thought: The finish, ease of use, comfort, weight and more. For example, the jewel’s weight has great significance in accordance to the kind of weather or type of event.  

Personal contact with my customers is extremely important to me. In my eyes, a jewel that did not find a home does not fulfill its destiny. The interaction with the customer, such as checking for alternatives and finally matching the most suitable jewel for her, completes the process of my creation.  

Another love of mine is working with brides, which without any doubt; manage to excite me with their enthusiasm towards the happy occasion. Styling jewelry for them fills me up with a warm feeling that I am right there for them, all the way to the ceremony..

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